Mathematical modeling is an increasingly vital tool in dealing with the “complexity” of the inflammatory response and organ dysfunction. The proper implementation of mathematical modeling often requires a multidisciplinary team that includes bioscientists, mathematicians and computer scientists. However, a communication barrier between these groups presents a significant challenge. Different domains of expertise have different uses for the same terms, and different expectations based on the use of those terms. SCAI’s goal is to provide a communication reference point by developing and maintaining an on-line glossary of mathematical modeling terms.

This glossary was initially generated and updated by discussion within the Biosystems Group at the University of California, San Francisco; our hope is that access through the SCAI website will increase the scope of exposure and stimulate input/feedback. The intent of the glossary is NOT to give definitive definitions of modeling terms, but rather to provide a reference-able resource for nascent modeling teams with respect to establishing and developing collaborations/projects. Therefore, a specific disagreement with the provided glossary does not preclude its usefulness as a communications tool; concurrence with the glossary should reference it and alternative definitions should be explicitly defined; in either case ambiguity is diminished. Further development will be facilitated via email feedback (please send comments, addenda and additions to at this time, and eventually with a Wiki process.