Initiatives Undertaken by SCAI and Its Members

To see a simulation of sepsis-induced inflammation, created by high school students in conjunction with SCAI members, click here."

"Ongoing initiatives in various groups include the following:"
  • In an attempt to establish complex systems approaches to critical illness, Dr. Edmund Neugebauer (President, SCAI) organized two international workshops in Cologne, Germany dedicated to bringing together clinicians, bench scientists, and mathematicians.

  • Drs. Clermont (Vice-President, SCAI) and Vodovotz (Secretary, SCAI) organized a third workshop, Complex Systems in Critical Illness, which was held in November 2003 at the University of Pittsburgh. It was at the 2003 conference that we decided to launch SCAI. The fourth workshop is scheduled, in a larger format, for November 2004.

  • Dr. Rudiger Brause at the University of Cologne has developed a neural network-based predictive algorithm for management of sepsis patients.

  • Dr. William Aird (Harvard University), a leading authority on the role of the endothelium in sepsis and who is establishing his own trans-institutional, interdisciplinary group to utilize complex systems approaches to delineate the role of the endothelium in sepsis, has endorsed both this conference and SCAI enthusiastically, and has been invited to present the findings of his group at this meeting.

  • Dr. Gary An (Cook County Hospital, Chicago), who has pioneered the use of agent-based simulation for the study of sepsis is also a founding member of SCAI.

  • Drs. Clermont and Vodovotz, who along with Dr. Carson Chow (formerly of the University of Pittsburgh and now at the NIH) have created their own mathematical model of the acute inflammatory response, and have been funded by the NIGMS as well as other organizations. They also have created a seminar series at the University of Pittsburgh, dedicated to the discussion of the molecular and clinical features of acute inflammation, which we hope will serve as the basis for educational initiatives at various institutions.

  • Drs. Clermont and Vodovotz, along with Drs. Billiar (Chair, Department of Surgery) and Fink (Chair, Department of Critical Care Medicine) at the University of Pittsburgh are co-founders of a company (Immunetrics, Inc.) dedicated to the optimization of sepsis therapy though modeling of the inflammatory response. A partner in this venture is IBM Life Sciences, the leading in silico biology company, as well as the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

  • The first business meeting of SCAI was held March 11, 2004 in Munich, Germany. It was at this meeting that the Officers of SCAI were elected. In addition, a draft of the SCAI bylaws was prepared and a Board of Directors was named. The Board consists of Gary An (Chicago), Silvia Daun (Cologne), Steve Chang (Pittsburgh), and Thorsten Tjardes (Cologne). In accordance with the SCAI bylaws, the Board includes one trainee (Ms. Daun). Steve Chang was elected first Chairman of the Board of Directors of SCAI.

International Conference on Complex Acute Illness