Society for Complex Acute Illness (SCAI)

Inflammation and organ dysfunction that accompany trauma and sepsis are complex, multi-focal problems. Enormous amount of money, both public and private, have been spent on research and clinical care for this constellation of diseases. Though exciting laboratory breakthroughs derived from reductionist approaches await translation to the clinic, few therapeutic options are available today. New paradigms are needed to truly impact care for acute illness.

We formed SCAI because we believe passionately that complex systems approaches, involving modeling, simulation, systems biology, chaos theory, and network theory can augment the classical, hypothesis-driven approach that has largely failed to stem the tide of critical illness.

We are clinicians, bench scientists, and modelers. We work in hospitals, research institutions, and companies. We have made large strides in modeling inflammation and organ dysfunction. Our work has been funded both by government and business, and has been presented in major scientific meetings.

We hope you will share our enthusiasm for this venture and choose to join and support SCAI.